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Miss Florida Nails

Bridgerton Collection - All 8 Colors .25oz

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Bridgerton Collection with All 8 Dip Colors:

~Daphne .25 oz - Fine Glitter Thermal Dip that is Light purple / Lavender when warm and darker purple when cool (under 70 degrees)

~Lady Eloise - Fine Sparkly Purple Glitter .25 oz

~ Lady Violet- Deep Solid Purple

~ Lady Whistledown- Chunky Glitter with Shades of Purple and a shimmer Base

~ Lady Penelope - Fine Glitter with Grey/ Silver Base and Purple / Pink / Multi Glitters  .25oz

~Lord Bridgerton - Light Shimmer Grey .25oz

~The Duke- Dark Shimmery Grey .25oz

~ The Queen - Silver mid size chunky glitter with holo shimmer